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About USEC Hong Kong


United Social Entrepreneurship Conference Hong Kong (USECHK) is an international student-run non-profit organizations in HK. USECHK pioneers in student social entrepreneurship development since 2011.
Annually held in Hong Kong, USECHK intends to achieve 3 goals :

1. Cultivate community-mutual exchanges on global social environment
2. Connect cross-community, collaborative networks of actions
3. Nurture students through business-practical & educational insights

Over the last 4 years, the most historic conference has been gathering a huge community of action and passion. Every time, USECHK brings together sector leaders, top executives, successful social entrepreneurs and aspiring students from all backgrounds with diverse sessions of capacity building and exchange.

Our Values

Reintroduce Business
We believe the power of business perspective in changing the world. Leaders from for-profit and not-for-profit both work in their corresponding roles of solving the world’s most pressing problems effectively and efficiently. With the new mindset, a series of new social organizations come up and tackle their social cause with the best practice.

​Revolutionize Global Citizenship
In today’s world, people are no longer living in a separate town but global village, and every piece of our lives are connected to the other side of the world. So, we nurture every single youth to be the leading citizen in their local communities by bringing in global perspectives, connecting global network and embedding global diversity.

Renovate the Social
Everyone wants to improve their life and get rid of any social problem. Yet, no one single sector of society has ever reached out to collaborate, which can everly create multi-folds of impact and sustainability. We therefore strive to connect all the sectors for the common goal, and bring cross-sector exchanges to the next level.

Message from USECHK

Being a youth, I have always dreamed to change the world. Way before I dream, I complained a lot,“That is too much! I am enough of this! I am going to quit…” This is a good sign, because I know what the ‘problem’ is and I want to get out of it. However, simply pointing out what we do not like will not do any good, but feeling worse. We should change.

“Voice out, take action, keep going” This is my belief.
We therefore take the initiative to make a difference - USECHK. USECHK 2015 as a global conference, will invite more than 400 participants, 40 guests in 4 days, covering from Asia to America to Europe. Gathering “citizens” of all sectors, working on various social causes, USECHK acts as a platform of mutual-inspiration and community-integration.

Everyday we work, we stretch our limits, picturing that we can make more impact by connecting social innovators and expanding their network. Today, we have accomplished it and we will not stop here.

We are very thankful to all our supporters including partners, sponsors and more. To step further, we kindly invite you to support us. This will be your unique opportunity to stand out from the crowd and show the society and world how you contribute back. Partnering with USECHK, you can see the impact made among our change makers and society. We hope to shape the future generation with you!

Best Regards

Andy Chan
Session 2014-2015

Our Team

Andy Chan


Stephanie Cheung

Director, Partnership

Jasmine Chan

Associate, Partnership

Carol Chui

Associate, Partnership

Harry Wong

Associate, Partnership

Ken Tsun

Associate, Partnership

Jacky Lo

Director, Programme and Event

Yami Chu

Director, Programme and Event

Pinky Lam

Associate, Programme and Event

Elliot Ng

Associate, Programme and Event

Herman Cheung

Director, Marketing and PR

Louis Chan

Associate, Marketing and PR

Mandy Chiu

Associate, Marketing and PR

Gabriella Wu

Associate, Marketing and PR

Katelyn Ma

Associate, Guest Relations

Brian Tsang

Associate, Finance and Sponsorship

Ben Cheung

Associate, Sponsorship

USECHK in History

4 years of experience, 400 delegates HK, mainland, US, Canada, Australia, UK

Dr. Jane Lee

Chair, Social Enterprise Summit

Mr. Chua Hoi Wai

Chief Executive, Hong Kong Council of Social Service

Mr. Francis Ngai

Founder & CEO, Social Ventures Hong Kong

Mr. Timothy Ma, JP

Executive Director, Project Flame, CityU

Mr. Scott Lawson


Ms. Doris Leung

CEO, Diamond Cab (HK) Limited

Mr. Edward Chin

Managing Director, MDE Hedge Center

Dr. Ricky Szeto

Executive Director, Hung Fook Tong Holdings Limited

Mr. Antony Pang

General Manager, Dialogue in the Dark (DiD) HK

Dr. Po Chi Wu

Venture Capitalist & Professor, HKUST


Social Business Case Competition

Social Innovation Labs

Business Modeling Workshops

Office Hours

USECHK Convention


Why Support?

1. Unique & Global channel to promote your brand

USECHK brings in delegates from all over the world. We partner with different city-, school-, regional and global student organizations in promoting the Asia’s leading conference. In more than 10 countries and territories,all local universities and many more student-level channel, you will get wide exposure and positive branding in telling your corporate story!

2. Out-standing your CSR/Philanthropic portfolio

It is always difficult to choose which initiative to support. USECHK as the leading student social entrepreneurship conference in Asia, promises to give accountable conference impact, different from the ordinary. We work with institutions in measuring our social impact and theory of change, giving you a solid ground for your “investment” portfolio.

3. Nurture aspiring social innovators and make a difference

Supporting social entrepreneurship as the global trend drives cutting-edge exposure, empowerment and connection to our delegates, which in turn furnishes your most important future assets. You will be able to make an obvious difference in the community by supporting passionate candidates sustaining the most innovative and aggressive social projects.

Interest to Support

Mr. Anson Shiu
Director, Sponsorship
+852 6353 2671

Ms. Stephanie Cheung
Director, Partnership | Global Strategy Division
+852 6254 8632

Ms. Bianca Ho
Director, Marketing & Public Relations | HK Strategy
+852 6138 0668

Tips on Social Innovation Project

Students with a social innovation project on hand, developed and executed, will enjoy a higher priority in getting admitted to attend USECHK. There are three criteria for Social Innovation Project:

Innovation: Each project must be innovative in a way it creates positive social values to your target communities, and in a way it is needed. Simply innovative but not needed will not do the job. Applying existing concept to a new geographical location, partner etc is acceptable.

Specific: Each project must address a specific challenge with a defined course of action and detailed objectives.

Measurable: Each project should develop a set of indicators to measure your achievement and success that can be reported back to your stakeholders and USECHK.




Application Preparation

STEP 1 - Identify the type of USECHK application to submit


Students can apply as either an individual or a group.


Individual:  An individual student can apply to attend USEHK as an individual. This student will be passionate about social entrepreneurship, carries out a social innovation project individually, or applies to attend as a representative of a social innovation suporting organization.

Group: Up to 4 students may apply to attend USECHK as a group. These students collaborate on a social innovation project and apply to attend the conference together to represent their project or initiative. The group must appoint a group leader to fill out the USECHK online application (which includes the Social Innovation Project and team member information). It is the responsibility of the group leader to complete the team member section accurately

STEP 2: Prepare your Social Innovation Proejct.

Applicants who initiate, take part in or have an idea for a social innovation project will have higher priority in getting admitted. Students who don’t have an idea will need to fill in another part of the application automatically.

A social innovation project is a concrete plan that addresses a pressing challenge in one of USECHK's five social areas: Public Health, Peace and Human Rights, Environment and Climate Change, Poverty Alleviation, or Education.

As part of the application, students are asked to provide a detailed plan that outlines the scope of the project and how it will be implemented. We strongly encourage you to utilize the application preview to draft your plan offline before you apply, and keep a record of it in case you experience any technical difficulties when applying online.

Find out if any of your participated organizations are our partners, you can enjoy extra discount on the programme fee on top of any (super) early bird discounts.

STEP 3: Fill out and submit the online application

The final application deadlines for USECHK 2015 are April 1, 2015 (international) and May 15, 2015 (local). If you have any questions about the application process, please contact us at info@usec.ca.

STEP 4: Spread the words

Post a note to Facebook and Twitter, or email your friends of social innovation telling them that you have just applied to USECHK. This not only helps us to share this opportunity with other students, but also gives you a reason to tell others about your social innovation project. Use the USECHK 2015 posters to help spread the word.



International Delegate (with 3 nights of accommodation)

Programme Super Early Bird | on or before Feb 21 Early Bird | on or before March 10  Regular | on or before April 1
Public Channel HKD 900 HKD 1050 HKD 1200
Partner Channel HKD 700 HKD 850 HKD 1000

Hong Kong Delegate

Programme Super Early Bird | on or before March 1 Early Bird | on or before April 1 Regular | on or before May 15
Public Channel HKD 550 HKD 700 HKD 850
Partner Channel HKD 350 HKD 500 HKD 650

Programme Fee does not include the following items:

1.     Visa

2.     Insurance

3.     Personal expenses

4.     Meals

5.     Airfares

(student will enjoy student discount automatically when eating in residential hall and any restaurants inside The Hong Kong Polytechnic University without being a PolyU student. We will also provide a further dining & spot guide for your better HK experience after conference.)



Application Essentials


Events Information:


Date: 19-22nd June, 2015

Venue: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Accommodation (international delegate only): HKPolyU Residential Hall




1.     18 - 35 years of age


2.     Studying in an institution of education (high school student or undergraduate or postgraduate)




Participants arriving at Hong Kong by 5pm on Friday, June 19th, 2015, will be provided pick-up service at Hong Kong International Airport, upon request.


The final application deadlines are: AApril 1, 2015 (international) and May 15, 2015 (local).


General Application Procedures

Application → Successful Admission → Payment → Delegate Essential Pack & more → Arrival


If you have any questions, feel free to email at info@usec.ca.

Apply here:


Application form preview:


Key Benefits

1. Network of 500+ social innovators from around the globe

2. Insights of latest trends and innovative solutions to pressing global challenges

3. Practical skills for developing project capacity and sustaining social innovation

Event Information

In the year of 2014, Asia has gone through many breaking milestones. From IPO of world-shaking Chinese tech-company, to spread of Ebola, winning of Nobel Peace Price by Malala. We see how the global environment is changing. Asia is becoming the centre of the world, influencing many cross-border issues such as China’s environmental problem, India’s public health cultural cause.

USECHK 2015 hereby brings together Asia’s successful guests from business, non-profits, governement as well as grass-root community to share their stories of creating impact. By intensive networking, mutual- mentoring and practical skills sessions, delegates and guests can gain diverse and new insights on the latest global social trend, business analytics and public sector skills.

Date : 19th -22nd June, 2015
Target Audience : 450 Delegates
(Local university and international university undergraduates and graduates, aged 18-35)



Day 0


Break the Boundary

Day 1


Touch the Community

Day 2


Make it Easy

Day 3


Embrace the Possibility


Opening Ceremony



From tradition to transformation;

Integration and Collaboration;

Social Innovation in Asia


Business Modeling 1


(4 Parallel Sessions)

Lean Startup;

Design Thinking;

Business Model Canvas;

Social Impact Assessment

Competition Presentation


1st Round;

Final Round;

Result Announcement


Competition Briefing



Client Sharing;


Plenary 2









Social Innovation Lab - Cases


(5 Parallel Sessions)

“Why I Choose to be a

Social Entrepreneur”



Public Health;

Poverty Alleviation;

Peace & Human Rights;

Environment & Climate Change

Change-making 102







Executive Office Hours 2






Idea Exchange


Community Hours






Sharing of projects;


Partnership Building











Social Innovation Lab - Panels


(5 Parallel Sessions)

“Social Innovation shaping different social contexts”



Public Health;

Poverty Alleviation;

Peace & Human Rights;

Environment & Climate Change

Business Modeling 2


(5 Parallel Sessions)


Marketing & Sales;

Impact Investment;

Project Management;

Financial Management;

Leadership & Organization






USEC Convention


(Public Event)


Student Project;

Social Enterprise;


Company CSR


Student Reception







Salon cum Coffee Break



Executive Office Hours 1


Closing Ceremony


“If there is no struggle, there is no progress”


USECHK Development;

USECHK 2015 in a Grasp



Plenary 1


Social Innovation in University;

Youth Social Innovation


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